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Attendance Clerk:  Ms. Ruck


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Fax:  352-394-9602

Did You Know…

School attendance is an important factor for academic success!  The fact is if your child is not in school, they cannot learn at the same rate as their peers and they will fall behind, putting them at greater risk for failure.  

Research shows that students who attend school everyday are more likely to graduate from high school, be college ready and have a successful life. Students who are chronically absent are at greater risk for dropping out of school, incarceration, substance abuse and homelessness.   

If your child misses as little as 8 days in a school term, by the end of high school they will have missed almost a complete year (128 of 180) days of school.

Being tardy for school hurts a child's learning.  A student who is 10 minutes late for school everyday will end up missing 30 hours of instruction during the year. That equals a full week of school! 

Ms. Ruck works closely with school administrators, teachers, counselors, nurses and community partners to ensure students are attending school regularly and following school rules.

 Lake Minneola Attendance Policy

  •  Students are allowed 5 days per nine weeks. 
  •  3 parent notes per nine weeks
  • After 5th unexcused absence per nine weeks loss of privilege (s) (field trips, prom, homecoming, clubs, parking, extra-curricular)
  • Attendance starts over per nine weeks
  •  Unexcused absence= 0  for assignments
  • Attendance Policy will be reviewed at class meetings at the beginning of the year and again at the beginning of each nine weeks.

 Lake Minneola Tardy Policy

 1st tardy: warning
2nd tardy: parent contact
3rd: teacher detention
4th: Teacher referral (Wednesday School)
5th: Teacher Referral (CDA)
6th: Teacher Referral (possible suspension for defiance)