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How to complete athletic paperwork on

You can register and begin filling out information prior to having a physical exam. After your physical exam is performed by the appropriate health care provider, this document – along with a birth certificate and insurance card – must be uploaded to to complete your required paperwork.
1. Go to
2. Select Florida
3. If you don’t have an account, please register then log in. If you already have an account, log in.
4. Select Start Clearances a. Select 2018-2019 under year. b. Select Lake Minneola High school for school. c. Select sport that you are trying out for i. If you are playing multiple sports, you can add them all at the end.
5. Fill out student information
6. Upload the required documents under the following sections a. Page 1 of EL2 physical form – Student Information and Medical History b. Page 2 of EL2 form – Physical Examination c. Birth certificate – additional form d. Insurance card – proof of insurance i. Not knowing how to upload documents is NOT an excuse for skipping this step. Please see page 1 for suggestions on how to upload or ask questions if you need help!
7. Fill out medical history
8. Fill out parent/guardian information
9. Fill out signatures a. Make sure to place the correct signatures in the appropriate boxes b. Place parents name where it says parent signature c. Place students name where it says student signature
10. Select ALL sports that you intend on trying out for!!