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Guidance Department Forms and Surveys


Intend to Graduate Early Form 

August 1, 2019 deadline

Change of Placement Form

This form is to be completed by any student who wishes to drop down to the next level in any academic area. For example: 1) any AP/honors course to a regular course; 2) Algebra 2 hon to Algebra 2 or Geometry to Liberal Arts Math; or 3) Geometry hon to Geometry

FLVS Waiver Form 2019-2020

Students who are interested in taking Florida Virtual Classes

Foreign Language Waiver Form

Senior Class Survey

Transcripts Request Form

Official and Unofficial transcripts will be available within 48 hours of the request and must be picked up in the Guidance Dept. within one week of the request.  Transcript requests must be made either in person or by mail. Mailed requests must include a legible copy of a photo I.D.