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ESE Department


ESE School Specialists

Dr. Lindsey Knowles - Department Head (x5167)

9th & 12th

Ms. Lia Crumby (x5126)

10th & 11th

To contact the ESE department call LMHS 352-394-9600 and then the extension number next to the person you want to contact.

Consultation Specialists

Ms. Gray (x5125)

12th Grade

Ms. Tarquine (x5128)

11th Grade 

Mr. Borkowski (x5124)

10th Grade

Ms. Stewart (x5143)

9th Grade

Learning Strategies Teachers

Ms. Gant

Ms. Pertell

Ms. Wilder

Access Teachers

Ms. Cook

Ms. Fairfax

Ms. Gant

Ms. Wilder

ESE Clerks

Ms. McClellan (x5129)

Ms. Verdejo Vazquez (x5130) - 2018-19 School Employee of the Year

              Resource Room                                   Speech Pathologist

                 Ms. Kinsey                                                          Ms. Polleri

ESE Teachers


Ms. Pertell (Science)

Ms. Schmid (Math)