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ESE Department


ESE School Specialists

Dr. Lindsey Knowles - Department Head (x5167)

Ms. Lia Crumby

To contact the ESE department call LMHS 352-294-9600 and then the extension number next to the person you want to contact.

Consultation Specialists

Mr. Borkowski (x5124)

11th Grade A-G, 12th Grade

Ms. Gray (x5125)

10th Grade, 11th Grade H-M

Ms. Tarquine (x5128)

9th Grade, 11th Grade N-Z

Learning Strategies Teachers

Ms. Gant

Mr. Kelso

Ms. Pertell

Ms. Wilder

Mr. Wilson

Access Teachers

Ms. Cook

Ms. Fairfax

Ms. Gant

Mr. Wilson

ESE Clerks

Ms. Scott (x5130) - 2018-19 School Employee of the Year

Ms. Stewart (x5129) - 2019-20 School Employee of the Year


              Resource Room                                     Speech Pathologist

                 Ms. Kinsey                                                          Ms. Bauschlicher (x5155)