Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future


Ms. Linda "Mama Hawk" Shepherd-Miller


Lake Minneola's Principal


It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to Lake Minneola High School. We are honored to present to our community an academically focused educational center committed to equipping our students with the academic and character skills required by today's society. It continues to be an honor to lead Lake Minneola High School through the ever present challenges connected to public education.

I have always valued the full educational high school experience. Because of that, we are fortunate to offer a vast array of opportunities to develop and enhance student success. I highly encourage all community members, staff, and students, to engage actively in the encompassing educational process. By involving all members of our school community in numerous social settings, quality relationships are formed. These relationships then lead to establishing a foundation of friendships that last a lifetime.

Since the inception of Lake Minneola High School, I have been truly blessed by a community dedicated and committed to the success of our school. I extend a heartfelt thank you to our valued supporters. You, the community, have always risen to the forefront to meet any need here at LMHS.  In addition financial assistance, your kind-hearted words of support and encouragement have helped us successfully meet our numerous challenges.

The character of the students at LMHS makes both our school and community proud. Their wisdom and kind-hearted integrity speaks volumes to their commitment to the educational process; they have met and exceeded the high bar of academic and extra-curricular success. I am extremely proud of my students, and they are my inspiration. I am truly fortunate to witness their success!

Remember, Hawks are Honorable, Academically Focused, Wise, Kind-hearted and Successful!


Ms. "Mama Hawk" Shepherd-Miller